Wicca For Beginners

Wicca For Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy and Practice”  Thea Sabin

Due to the sheer number of Wicca 101 books on the market, many newcomers to the Craft find themselves piecing together their Wiccan education by reading a chapter from one book, a few pages from another. Rather than depending on snippets of wisdom to build a new faith, Wicca for Beginners provides a solid foundation to Wicca without limiting the reader to one tradition or path.

Embracing both the spiritual and the practical, Wicca for Beginners is a primer on the philosophies, culture, and beliefs behind the religion, without losing the mystery that draws many students to want to learn. Detailing practices such as grounding, raising energy, visualization, and meditation, this book offers exercises for core techniques before launching into more complicated rituals and spellwork.  (Amazon)


Oh my Goddess I love this book!  I first heard of it while doing an Amazon search, and saw that it only had good reviews (strange for a book?) so thought I’d read it to see just how good it was.  It was!  I like the author’s down to earth, light and easy, modern writing style, more then, say, Buckland or Starhawk.  The book is divided into progressive chapters in ‘Wicca 101’ themes that the author deems important.  It includes some very useful lessons right up front – Grounding, Centering, Visualization, Meditation, for example – complete with instructions and exercises.  Her chapter on ‘What Is Wicca’ is modern and researched.  There’s a good bibliography and even a few rituals included to start you out.  Definitely not the last Wicca book you should read, but I think its fair to say it should be one of the first.  Highly recommended.

(c) A Year And A Day (2011)

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