The Goddess Is In The Details

The Goddess Is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch” (Deborah Blake)

From the hearth to the altar, make magic in every moment. Being a Witch isn’t limited to casting a spell under the full moon or consecrating a ritual circle. Whether you’re calling the Goddess or doing the dishes, your wonderfully witchy ways are woven into everything you do.

With her signature down-to-earth wisdom and warmth, Deborah Blake takes you into the heart of what it means to be a Witch all day, every day. Filled to the brim with practical suggestions, Pagan and Wicca spells, and helpful advice, this essential book brings to light all facets of a modern Witch’s life: The seven core beliefs of Witches, mindful eating and health, creating sacred space at home, relationships with non-Pagans, sex and the single Witch, raising Pagan children, solitary and coven practice, Pagan ritual, and green living. (Amazon)

I read a review on Amazon that called this book ‘common sense’.  But I think sometimes a little common sense is a good thing!  The Goddess Is In The Details is a mixture of Wicca 101 basics, a self help book, and a general ‘How To’ live your Wiccan life.  I like her insights on general Wiccan concepts, such as ‘words have power’.  She mentions an “occult self help” book called Positive Magick by Marion Weinstein that I might check out. 

The book includes ‘Seven Beliefs of a Witch’, which I found very helpful to remember. These include:

1. The Wiccan Rede – Although more of a guide, this emphasizes the tenet of “harm none”.
2. The Law of Return / Rule of Three – As with the Rede, this shows we have the power to shape our own world.
3. Personal Responsibility – We all have the power to change our world through our own free will.
4. Words Have Power – Our thoughts, words, and actions can change the world. “As Above, So Below”.
5. Magick is Real – Magick can bring about positive change as we tap into the universal energy.
6. We are Part of Nature – And thus, we must try to connect with and respect nature.
7. Everything is Divine – The world is divine and everything is connected.

The Goddess Is In The Details discusses everything from healthy eating habits, spring cleaning, to how to have a relationship while being Wiccan.  The author herself states that this isn’t a beginner Wicca book per se, but I think its a great companion to your Wiccan collection.

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