Jasper is a type of quartz-chalcedony, similar to other stones like Carnelian, Agate, and Flint.  What gives Jasper its unique colour is impurities:

  • Hematite makes them red
  • Limonite makes them brown/yellow
  • Chlorite makes them green


Jasper has been used for centuries as talismans and amulets due to its rich vibrant colours and healing properties, and also as ornamental building stone.

Jasper is grounding and helps focus on the practicalities of life.  It also nurtures damaged areas of the body, aiding recovery and repair.

A variety of Jasper is Bloodstone (or Heliotrope), which is green Jasper with red, brown and yellow markings from iron oxides.

Bloodstone provides motivation and encouragement, strength and good health.  Its traditionally linked with healing wounds and stopping blood loss – a warrior’s stone under the influence of planet Mars.  It also energizes and balances the heart and root chakras.

Essential Guide to Crystals (Simon & Sue Lilly)

(c) A Year And A Day (2012)


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