The Essential Guide to Crystals

The Essential Guide to Crystals” by Simon & Sue Lilly

An authoritative illustrated guide to crystals reveals the full power and mystery of these gems, which can heal our spirits and enhance our lives. More than 100 crystals are grouped by color and then presented individually through color photography and in-depth discussions of appearance, followed by descriptions of individual healing properties and other practical uses, and the myths and legends surrounding each. There’s advice on building and maintaining a collection, as well as expert guidance on crystal healing and meditation, using amulets and birthstones, and working with crystals aligned to our auras, chakras or reflexology points. (Amazon)

When I was searching for a guide to crystals and gemstones from a health and healing perspective, the Earth Scientist in me demanded some scientific content.  This guidebook provides the chemical composition of the gems, minerals and rocks, as well as their origin and method of formation.  It organises the minerals and rocks by colour, which is useful when you don’t know the name of the mineral, however therefore doesn’t group different colours of the same minerals together (ie: quartz, milky quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, etc).

I found the specimen pictures very detailed and colourful, I’m jealous of the mineral collection!  Each page has information about the magical and healing properties, as well as practical uses and keywords.  The Introduction covers crystal colours, auras, charkas and birthstones, as well as crystal healing techniques.  All in all, a good crystal reference book, and I’m sure it will be a useful resource on my bookshelf.

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