A series of serendipidous events lately has made me write this post, partly as thanks to the Goddess and partly to explore this whole ‘luck’ thing.

Luck, fate, destiny, or do you create your own reality?

Some Wiccans believe that you manifest your own reality by the choices you make and the intentions you have.  You take full responsibility of your life through your thoughts, actions and deeds.  Following the Wiccan Rede and the Threefold Law can help steer you towards good choices.  I think this ties into my post about Karma, how your actions, and the actions of others, create a complicated system of cause and effect.  It is a very powerful (and sometimes scary) thought that you create your own reality and must accept the consequences of your own actions.

Alternatively, some believe that the Goddess and God have a hand in directing our lives, and although we live through free will, our ultimate fate or destiny is being controlled by a higher power.

There are even Deities tied to luck, such as the Roman Goddess Fortuna (Greek Tyche), the Greek God Caerus (Roman Occasio/Tempus), and the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune.

So where does Luck fit into all of this?  I believe that whether or not we have an ultimate destiny, a path set out for us by the Gods, how we get there is defined by our free will.  Luck might be a helpful push towards a specific direction, or to help us along when we’re stumbling on our path.  Or maybe its to wake us up when we’re blinded by distractions, or as a karmic boost from a past good deed.

Whatever luck is, I’m happy to have been lucky these past weeks, and I hope the Gods of fortune will continue to smile down on me.

© A Year And A Day (2012)


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