Jade is a beautiful green ornamental stone that has been used for centuries in many parts of the world.  However gemstone jade can actually come from two metamorphic sources, both similar in texture, hardness, and appearance.  Nephrite is a form of Actinolite (an amphibole-silicate mineral whose fibrous form is known as Asbestos), and the other source is Jadeite, a pyroxene.

Used around the world for its healing properties, jade can be found in a variety of ancient items such as jewellery, buttons, weapons, and sculptures.

Jade is known for increasing belonging, stability and instinct.  Jade’s magical properties include being associated with longevity, and helping to connect people with their departed ancestors.  Healing functions include balancing the heart chakra, increasing a sense of belonging, enhancing the ability to act appropriately and effectively, and relaxing us at deep levels to accelerate healing.

Wiki – Jade
The Essential Guide to Crystals – Simon & Sue Lilly

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