Kyanite is an alumino-silicate mineral often found in metamorphic rocks, such as pegmatites.  It forms thin blade-like crystals that often radiate from a common centre.  The name kyanite comes from the Greek kuanos or kyanos, meaning ‘deep blue’, however not all kyanites are blue!  Kyanite can be black, green, orange, with the white/grey variety called rhaeticite.

File:Kyanite crystals.jpg

Kyanite is known for its connecting, channeling, and release of energy.  It is an excellent conductor of life energy and aids communication.  It is said kyanite crystals do not absorb negative energy, therefore never need to be cleansed.

In magic, kyanite acts as a catalyst to speed up other processes, makes rapid links between all things, and aids rapid communication.  In healing, kyanite balances the whole body, calms and releases blocked emotions, brings tranquility and quietness, and aids meditation and access to all levels of awareness.

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