Beltane and Flower Moon 2020

This past Beltane I shared an online ritual with my coven, which definitely has its unique quirks, but it was nice to connect with everyone. Afterwards we had a fire outside and enjoyed the warm air and gentle rain. I even jumped over the fire for good luck – or at least tried 😉

For May’s Flower Moon, I harnessed its full moon power by creating some sacred water. I put some water in a jar along with some selenite, amethyst, citrine, and some fresh rosemary and mint. I placed the jar outside in the moonlight and, borrowing some ideas from Deborah Blake’s Everyday Witchcraft, said a chant to bless and consecrate it for magickal use. The next morning, I placed the water in a jug and will use it for rituals, purification, and protection. I even put some of the extra water in my spray bottle for indoor plants 🙂

© West Coast Pagan


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