Sacred Wonders of Britain

Sacred Wonders of Britain (BBC, 2013) Archeologist Neil Oliver sets off on a journey to reveal the sacred face of Britain, an ancient landscape of belief and ritual that lies hidden just below the surface of the modern world. From Britain’s remotest islands to the heart of its cities, Neil searches for clues that tellContinue reading “Sacred Wonders of Britain”

The World of Stonehenge

Neil Oliver, archaeologist and presenter of several BBC documentaries, has created a wonderful series that is highly entertaining and informative.  (It doesn’t hurt that he has a cute Scottish accent!) Highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of Great Britain, particularly Celtic history. A History of Ancient Britain, Series 1, BBC 2 (2011) aka TheContinue reading “The World of Stonehenge”

The Celts: The Complete Epic Saga

The Celts: The Complete Epic Saga (DVD) The Celts were the first European people north of the Alps to rise from anonymity. Wild and ferocious, they were also romantics and mystics and they shared a family of languages that are now the oldest living tongues of Europe. Their story is one of survival, defiance andContinue reading “The Celts: The Complete Epic Saga”

Standing With Stones

Standing With Stones: A Journey Through Megalithic Britain (DVD, 2008) I watched a very interesting program on the ‘standing stones’ of Britain, the megaliths, henges, stone circles, cairns and other neolithic structures built thousands of years ago across the British Isles.  Everybody knows about Stonehenge and Newgrange, but what about the other ones?  How many differentContinue reading “Standing With Stones”