Celtic Timeline

4000-2500 BCE                 Neolithic Britain / The Stone Age

c. 3000 BCE                        Newgrange (Brú na Bóinne) built

2000-3000 BCE                 Stonehenge built

2500-1500 BCE                  Most other pre-Celtic megaliths built

2500-800 BCE                   The Bronze Age in Britain

1300-700 BCE                    Existence of the proto-Celtic Urnfield Culture

800 BCE – 50 CE               The Iron Age in Britain

700-450 BCE                      The Halstatt period (first ‘true’ Celtic culture)

500-15 BCE                         The La Tène period. The Heroic Age/Ulster Cycle.

390 BCE                               Celtic invasion of Rome

c. 200 BCE                           Fenian Cycle from Irish mythology

279 BCE                                Celtic invasion of Greece

100 BCE                                Arrival of Gaels in Ireland

82 BCE                                  Rome repels the Celts

70 BCE                                  First known appearance of the Druids

55 BCE                                  Romans invade Celtic Britain (under Julius Caesar)

52 BCE                                  Rome defeats the Celts in Gaul

43 – 409 CE                         Rome controls Celtic territories in Britain

61 CE                                     Rome destroys last remaining Druid communities

62 CE                                     Queen Boudicca defeated, Iceni rebellion ends

410 CE                                   Romans leave Britain

432 CE                                   Patrick brings Christianity to Ireland

c. 449-550 CE                      Arrival of Jutes (Jutland), Angles and Saxons (Germany)

465 CE                                   Probable birth of the historical Arthur

563 CE                                   Arrival of Columcille in Iona

597 CE                                   St Augustine brings Christianity to Britain

793                                         Viking raid at Lindisfarne

793-1050 CE                        The Viking Age in Britain

c. 800 CE                              The Book of Kells is written

1066                                       Norman invasion of Britain (Battle of Hastings)

c. 1100 CE                             The Book of Invasions, Lebor Gabála Érenn, written

BCE – Before Common Era
CE – Common Era

The Everything Celtic Wisdom Book by Jennifer Emick
Historical Atlas of the Celtic World by Angus Konstam
Various Wikipedia sources

© West Coast Pagan


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