Norse Timeline

410                      The Romans leave Britain

c. 449-550         Jutes (Jutland), Angles and Saxons (Germany) arrive in Britain

793                      Vikings raid the monastery at Lindisfarne

840                     Viking settlers found the city of Dublin

845                     Viking invasion of Paris, West Francia

c. 850                 Beginnings of Norse settlement in Anglo-Saxon England

860                     Rus Vikings attack Constantinople

866                     Danish Vikings found the kingdom of York

c. 870                 Beginnings of Norse settlement in Iceland

871                      Accession of Alfred the Great to the throne of Wessex

c. 885                 Harold Fairhair becomes king of all Norway

886                     Danelaw established in England by King Alfred and Viking King Guthrum

899                     Death of Alfred the Great

930                     Foundation of the national parliament (Althing) in Iceland

947                     Norway accepts Christianity

982                     Beginnings of Norse settlement in Greenland (Eric the Red)

986                     Beginnings of Norse settlement in North America (Leif Eiriksson)

c. 999-1000      Christianity accepted in Iceland at Althing

c. 1000               Beowulf is written

1014                    Brian Boru defeats the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf

1050                    The city of Oslo is founded

1066                    Battle of Hastings, end of Saxon rule in England

c. 1220                Snorri Sturluson composes the Prose Edda

1262                    Iceland is ceded to the king of Norway

c. 1270                Codex Regius / Poetic Edda is written

1662                    Codex Regius is given to the Danish king

1944                    Iceland regains independence

1971                     Codex Regius is returned by Denmark to Iceland

All dates are in CE – Common Era

The Elder Edda: A Book of Viking Lore (Andy Orchard)
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